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Information for Cruise Ship Passengers

Coming into Geraldton Port?

We can take you on an adventure!

Midwest Adventure Tours ensures Cruise Ship Passengers attending our tours will meet Cruise Arrival & Departure times, and we will adjust our tours to suit these.


This means in some instances you may be on a modified itinerary to our standard advertised experiences. We also may only be able to offer selected tours on your cruise ship date due to these time constraints.


Midwest Adventure Tours specialises in small group experiences, all fully led by a local experienced and knowledgeable tour guide.


All our tours depart from the advertised meet & greet area designated for your cruise ship (not port-side).

Private tour bookings for cruise ship passengers may be considered, though please be aware, surcharges may apply.

Cruise Things To Know

Prior to booking, please note the below information, as some changes are made to suit cruise passengers:


  • Your cruise liner may say that you’ll be tendering in. Since 2017, all cruise liners have been makingberth directly at the Geraldton Port.

  • Your cruise liner may also note that your arrival time is at 0800, however in our experience theliner arrives earlier than anticipated, with passengers disembarking by no later than 0830.

  • As you are booking

  • privately, we wont meet you portside. However there is a shuttle service thatwill take you from the port to the 'Welcome Hub". You'll meet us here.

  • We ask you to arrive at 0830 hours, as the tour departs promptly at 0845

  • We ensure you return in time for your ship's return shuttle. (usually 1600 hours)

  • We offer full refunds minus booking & administration fees if the ship does not make the port

  • We are aware that some liners may run behind schedule, please keep in open contact with us via email or phone and let us know if you are running slightly behind. We will generally wait if you're only a few moments away.

  • Failure to board on time, without prior communication will result in a full fare forfeiture.


Prior to booking and boarding please consider:

  • You do not partake in tours if you had COVID19 in the last 14 days

  • You do not partake in tours if you are showing signs of cold/flu/COVID or gastro symptoms

  • Wearing a mask whilst in the vehicle if you are showing symptoms


Did you know that we can provide inclusive access? Contact us directly if you require any accessibility equipment! We are here to make your journey as comfortable and as smooth as possible.

Download a copy of the tour information for cruise passengers below:

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